UTOPIAE is the current offshoot by german musician Konrad Schubert.
Blooming between relatives like Folk Noir and Post-Electronica, UTOPIAE picks from a wide rage of so called pop music and even beyond. In the end this is Schuberts very personal melange – original Dysterfolk – no utopia.

Konrad Schubert is active in the music scene since more than twenty years now, playing drums in fetisch:Mensch the sideproject of well known Goethes Erben. He did also pionieering underground work with his own avantgarde Dark Metal band SEMEN DATURA he started in the mid-nineties.

The core of UTOPIAE is voice and guitar, but beeing multi instumentalist Schubert tries other stuff if it fits in.
But even if versatility and experiments are common aspects of UTOPIAE, Schubert tells “I really like it when the intension of a song could be catched from its skeleton”.

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